Home Building Resources

These resources were indispensable to me when building my home. I hope they will be useful to you too!

This page is currently a work in progress.

– – –

STEP ONE: Start here. 

Consumer Affairs VIC: Building a home with a large building company checklist – As building contracts can be complex, we recommend you get a building lawyer to review your building contract before you sign – even though this will affect your cooling-off rights. Use independent technical experts to check your building documentation is complete and correct – for example, a building lawyer, a building surveyor, an independent building consultant. Never sign any documents under pressure

First Home Owners Grant (FHOG): If you’re eligible, some top-down assistance in securing that first home is useful. Stamp duty savings are pretty encouraging too.

– – –

STEP TWO: Scan the market for a builder that will work well for you.

Homeone.com.au Home building blogs (highly useful, must visit – organised clearly by builder in alphabetical order)

Productreview.com.au – rate, review anything on Australian soil! Especially useful to get info about your build/builders/materials/prices, et al. It’s also an alternative means to get through to your builder if they are tardy with their contact. Additionally, it helps that you get frank reviews of some of the service (electricity, gas, et al )providers we’ll be tied into long contracts with…

– – –

STEP THREE: During the build

Build.com.au Checklist – The BUILD checklists are dead easy to fill out, and are designed to help you figure out what’s right for your needs before you make any commitments. Their checklists give you all of the important questions you need to be able to answer before you talk to a builder, tradesperson or salesperson – including all kinds of unusual things you mightn’t otherwise think to ask yourself.

Need a skip/bin – try here or here?

– – –

STEP FOUR Pre-Handover Inspection Checklist

How does it work? Abis has a condensed version of their checklist online here.

Have $4 to spare? Purchase a PCI E-book here.


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