Auto Services

Here’s a map of mechanics and workshops in nearby Hoppers Crossing and Werribee. The only existing workshop in Tarneit is Ultratune on Sayers Road.

I’ll be paying special attention to this section in the days to come. Getting a car serviced or repaired can be a daunting task as so much work to our rides is done behind closed doors. This has to change… especially in our suburb where for many of us fit into a salary bracket that’s usually scrapping the bottom of barrel. It can be an exceedingly challenging task to find affordable, honest mechanics, maybe the two just don’t go together… or I have been simply out of luck.

Please check out  – Avoid getting ‘cashflow outrage of modesty’ by mechanics AKA automotive service technicians in the ‘Money Saver’ series.

It is one of the priorities of this site to improve the liveability of our suburb. This I intend to do by providing a detailed information about the mechanics and workshops that service Tarneit. In particular, I will do up a list of workshops with the best online ratings so you don’t waste your time donating your hard-earning money to mechanics who subconsciously or consciously commit an outrage of modesty on your hard-earned dollars.


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