Werribee ‘open for business’, says Wyndham council [Wyndham Star Weekly]

Exciting times ahead for Melbourne’s ‘new’ west. Great cites have historically been built along great rivers. Personally I can’t wait for our part of town to synergise with Werribee river! Bring on the employment opportunities and let’s build up a city that inspires.

Source - Pacific Werribee website
Source – Pacific Werribee website

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Werribee ‘open for business’, says Wyndham council
Charlene Macaulay
Source – Wyndham Star Weekly, published June 10, 2015

Big things are happening in Werribee and investors had better get in while they can.

That’s the message from Wyndham council, which showcased the development potential of the area at a recent invitation-only investment forum, which included presentations from mayor Peter Maynard and Werribee MP Tim Pallas.

Growth estimates predict that Wyndham’s population will grow by over 100,000 to more than 330,000 by 2031, meaning new jobs and homes will need to be created in the area to cope with the rising population.

Cr Maynard said Werribee was positioned to grow as the capital of the new west.

“With the growth come many challenges, but with the challenges come opportunity, especially for the astute developer,” the mayor said.

“East Werribee is open for business, Werribee is open for business.”

Wyndham chief executive Kerry Thompson said the area was one of Australia’s fastest-growing municipalities and Werribee city centre and East Werribee employment precinct were at the centre of that growth.

Recent investment in the area includes:

• The $370 million redevelopment and expansion of Werribee Plaza

• An $85 million expansion of Werribee Mercy Hospital

• New train stations at Wyndham Vale and Tarneit as part of the Regional Rail Link

• Construction of the $40 million Sneydes Road freeway interchange

• Victoria University’s new $14.8 million interprofessional clinic

Mr Pallas said the state government also had a role to play in building the necessary transport infrastructure to allow people to travel freely in and out of Wyndham and to create local jobs.

“The reason why so many commuters flood the freeway and the local railway stations each morning is because the jobs they want aren’t in the Werribee area,” Mr Pallas said.

“It’s about recognising that we need to make a very sustained and substantial commitment to creating jobs where communities are.”


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