Parking and speeding fines in Victoria [Choice, 2014]

Greetings fellow Tarneitians!

This is worth a read if you feel you have been hit by unfair speeding fines or parking infringements. Traffic infringements can be a huge revenue generator for the powers-that-be. Is there no reprieve?

To get a comprehensive overview of the Infringements System, go here to see the Department of Justice’s annual report 2012-2013. In total, there were 5.82 million infringement notices in Victoria.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald (September 16, 2013), revenue from speeding fines (alone) totalled $293 million in 2012-13. In the same year, there were 1,292,991 speeding fines issued to Victorians. Having said that, while contentions exist on whether cameras do indeed save lives, not having them may not be the answer either. For detailed .gov information and datasets, please go here to check out the entire range and effectiveness of the cameras Victoria have in place.

The following two tables are taken from the Sydney Morning Herald, detailing speeding fines in Victoria by camera type and the average cost of a speeding fine.

Speeding fines in Victoria by camera type
Other cameras include fixed cameras on CityLink, EastLink, the Hume Freeway, Geelong Road and the Western Ring Road.

speeding-fines-chart-type of cam-2013

Average speeding fines
Other cameras include fixed cameras on CityLink, EastLink, the Hume Freeway, Geelong Road and the Western Ring Road.


 Compliance rates for fixed cameras


As for parking fines…

“Last time we checked the statistics in Victoria, about 10% of the state’s motorists contested their fines, and about 40% of those contested fines ended up being waived.” Tanya Fong, for the Choice

Check out this list of successful appeals provided by Choice, published September 1, 2014

  • Parking signs – Are they visible from where you were parked or were they covered by a tree or any structures?
  • Road markings – Are the bay markings clear and visible?
  • Lack of parking signs/markings – Are there signs or markings that should be there for the offence you were booked for (such as a “no stopping” sign that wasn’t there when you were fined for this offence)?
  • Parking meters – Was the parking meter faulty? Was there a number on the meter or sign nearby with a number you could call to report the faulty meter?
  • Parking tickets – Do you have your original tickets to show you did not stay too long in the space or that you did pay to park?
  • Medical emergency or vehicle breakdown – Do you have evidence or witnesses to verify that circumstances caused you to commit the parking offence?

Please click here to read the article by Choice in its entirety. 

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