The “Solar Panel Rebate” (that we are not allowed to call a rebate!) [Solar Quotes]

There may be plenty naysayers and skeptics, but I am one of the folk who need little convincing solar panels are the way to go this part of Melbourne. As our terrain is largely flat (compared to the east and north), we get an amazing amount of direct sun action throughout the day. Just make sure to get the right sized system to suit your needs (whether you use power most in the day, or night or better still if you can afford to have a battery rig to collect power generated).

If you’re a skeptic, just remember this simple truth –  our one single most important resource – each, the pale blue dot is powered by the sun. So are our plants and trees… Our dose of vitamin D… Need I go on…

Keen to find out how the Solar Panel ‘rebate’ works? Rebate/discount is a misnomer. In a nutshell, it’s more financial incentive provided to polluters.

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Additionally, bookmark this page – to keep updated on the price of small-scale technology certificates (STCs). Remember to bring this up to your solar installer. This is imperative! It is the moving target (variable) that affects how much ‘discount’ you get for your solar system.

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The “Solar Panel Rebate” (that we are not allowed to call a rebate!)
Source – Solar Quotes

If you buy a solar system today, it is subsidised by a government scheme worth about $700 per kW installed. That’s around $3,500 off a typical 5kW system which is usually applied at the point of sale.

But this ‘rebate’ will not last forever. There has been a lot of talk recently about the Renewable Energy Target (RET) review, and lots of speculation over whether the Abbott government will scrap the RET or not.

To cut a long story short, in its current form, if the RET goes then the ‘Solar Rebate’ goes. If the ‘Solar Rebate’ goes then the price of a solar system will go up by around $3,500 for a typical 5kW system.

Whether this will actually happen or not – nobody knows.

The latest promise from the government as of November 2014, is that “household solar won’t be touched”. Whether you want to believe that ‘promise’ is your call!

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