Getting to know… Tarneit Gardens Shopping Centre [Feature #01, 2015 ]

Living in Tarneit’s goal for 2015 is to speak to residents and businesses about our community! Our very first feature is an email interview with the 20-store Tarneit Gardens Shopping Centre – what I describe as shining bastion of convenience a walking distance from home; for many of us. Haha, maybe I the metaphor was too much of a stretch… I digress. They’re serious about connecting with the community.

This is why we ensured we set up a Facebook page this year so that we can better connect with the local community and we are always open to welcoming community groups into the centre for performance space etc if they hop onto our website or Facebook there are contact details of our Centre Management Team. Tarneit Gardens Shopping Centre spokesperson

slider-image1a Q1. It’s 2015! Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year! Shall we start with a reflection? On a scale of 1-10 (10 being very successful) how has 2014 been for Tarneit Gardens Shopping Centre?
A: For us we would love to say 10 out of 10 but then we would have nothing to improve on for this 2015! So we will say 9 out 10 as there is always room for improvement right!

Q2. How committed is Tarneit Gardens S.C to serving the community here? I understand the centre has been around since 2013, how long do you intend to stay for?
A: We intend to stay for a very long time – Centres of this size and nature are all about being an integral part of the community from not only serving the customers who live close by but to the employment of the staff in the centre. We see ourselves as a welcoming environment and hub for meeting up with friends, families, mums and their bubs etc. This is why we ensured we set up a Facebook page this year so that we can better connect with the local community and we are always open to welcoming community groups into the centre for performance space etc if they hop onto our website or Facebook there are contact details of our Centre Management Team.

Q3. Tell us something interesting about your shopping centre. There seem to be some interesting green features but your website does not say much. Is there anything about the building we should be aware of? A: In this day and age it is critical that we are as environmentally aware and friendly as we can be. The cleaning products used throughout the centre adhere to proper waste disposal methods.

Q4. How many employees are there? Do many of them live in Tarneit?
A: There are many employees in the centre from casual to part time and full time in the various stores and most are indeed locals in the area – so the centre is always providing employment as it grows – of course the chain stores and supermarkets also have many behind the scene employees who work through the nights to stock up shelves as well as deliveries to the centre, cleaning staff, security, centre management staff etc. There is a lot always happening that makes a centre run that customers are never aware of (or need to be aware of). As far as practicable, we aim to employee local contractors, including security, cleaning and maintenance contractors.

Q5. For now, you are the only shopping centre within walking distance in the suburb. On any given day, how many shoppers do you see?
A: The customer traffic varies from day to day with our biggest days being from Thursday to Saturdays and at peak times around lunch times and after school pick ups. There are in addition factors that effect all shopping habits ranging from school holidays, public holidays and of course the crazy Melbourne weather has an impact as well.

Q6. The last census in 2011 revealed Tarneit to be a highly multicultural suburb. Is this reflected in the shoppers who visit your stores? 
A: Absolutely we have a lovely variety of customers in the centre and the stores and the staff within these stores are the vey reflection of this fabulous mix.

Q7. What is the primary mode of transport for shoppers getting there?
A: Even though many customers may live in walking distance the main mode of transport to the centre is the car – once again given our 4 seasons in one day climate everyone is always prepared and therefore the car is the best bet in case of that sudden down pour of rain or cool of course once at the centre customers often tend to purchase more than the key item the came for so this way they don’t have to carry heavy parcels home.

Q8. What are some of the most popular items on sale here?
A: This really does vary and we are so lucky to have such a large range of both products, food both fresh food and dining as well as services for the customers to choose from – plus of course the supermarket has extended hours and then we have all the take-away and eat in stores who are also open in the evenings so there is a very constant flow.

Q9. What can we expect to see in 2015? Any exciting changes up ahead?
A: The centre is really still quite new and we will always be looking at ways to expand the offer of stores and services to ensure we deliver what the customers needs and demands are.

Q10. Final words for our readers?
A: Make sure you check out our website and follow us on Facebook – the customer’s feedback to us is vital to ensure we are meeting expectations from both a product angle of stores as well as our services within the centre. Plus over school holidays we will always be having free activities and workshops for the children so this is a great way to always be kept informed as well as keeping in touch with special offers and new store openings.

– – – – – – – – –
Thank you Tarneit Gardens Shopping Centre for sharing! And thank you – the reader, for reading!



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