Hummingbird Boulevard sporting reserve

Construction on the $3.2m reserve (likely completed in March 2015) has been going on for at least two months and it has left many of our homes caked in generous layers of dust. Nevertheless, the reserve signals exciting times ahead for the community at the Rise. Here’s a sneak preview of what’s being built.

Hummingbird Boulevard Plans
Hummingbird Boulevard Plans

Here’s the spiel from the builder, hansen.

Though the schematic design process, hansen identified the recreational landscape opportunities for the site, including a sports oval (AFL/Cricket), playground, barbeque and picnic shelter, half-court basketball, skate able furniture and associated facilities.

hansen’s design for Hummingbird Boulevard Reserve ensures that the functional requirements of players, spectators and the local community are paramount, with perimeter paths, seating areas and raised grassy mounds. Through the clear, legible resolution of pedestrian access and sensitive siting of shelter and seating spaces, the design for the Reserve delivers a safe, functional and attractive public open space. The design ensures a greatly improved amenity for the local community, including the adjoining Primary School site, by providing a multi-age playground unit with all-abilities access, clearly identifiable linkages and incorporation of youth inclusive activities. The integration of site sensitive, low maintenance and locally sourced planting, positively contributes to the character of the surrounding suburban fabric and the Davis Creek catchment. hansen online

For more details, please click here to access the master plan PDF by Hansen.


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