8 things you might not know about Tarneit

The blue skies over Tarneit are amazingly beautifully thanks to the relatively flat topography of the area. Here’s a list of 8 things you might not know about Tarneit!

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View of the Melbourne skyline from Ecoville Project
View of the Melbourne skyline from Ecoville Project.  April 15, 2012. Source – Williewonker.

1. Settled in the 1830s, Tarneit used to be agricultural grazing plains that later became part of Melbourne’s green wedge.

2. Tarneit sits in an area rich in volcanic history. Mt Cotterell and Mt Derrimut, are clearly visible just slightly northwest of the estate.

3. Its name comes from the Aboriginal name for the area.

4. Tarneit’s population is estimated to triple to 63,512 in 2031 by forecast.id. In the 2011 census, the number stood at around 22,000.

5. The train service might run earlier than expected. Originally slated for 2016, sometime before mid-year 2015 might be likely; fingers crossed. The station will also have a baby-changing facility. it will have 400 parking bays with provision for up to 1000 as demand grows.

6. Regional rail link is jointly funded by the Australian and Victorian governments, with the Commonwealth contributing $3.2 billion and the Victorian Government contributing $1.58 billion.

7. At present, there is a variety of food options, but not a lot. There’s Indian, Chinese, two x Fish & Chips, Charcoal Chicken, two x Cafes, two x Pizza shops. That said they are a total of just about 10 food outlets within Tarneit proper (factoring in Tarneit Garden and Tarneit West shopping centres). Trugannina doesn’t count.

8. The Tarneit Junction vision (click for pdf), sitting a few hundred metres across the road from the new Tarneit Station will see multiple-storeyed apartments in the estate for the first time.


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